On ByDayJob We have basically taken our traditional ways of find jobs online with great innovations to enable employers find employees the shortest  possible time.

For example, at first some workers in Ghana like Carpenters, Masons, Gardeners, etc. would go round their neighborhood hoping to find someone who might be interested in their services to offer them a job.

In Ghana we believe that there are a lot people seeking to have a job than the available job opportunities, therefore it really requires a great effort to compete for the little available job opportunities for millions of people.

   Now this is where we ( ByDayJob ) comes in and connect workers  directly to thousand job opportunities with our premium services.

  1. What we do is that we list profiles of people/workers who wants job and needs our assistance to get the job on Bydayjob.com
  2. With our well connected network we make it possible for employers or people who needs their tasks done visit Bydayjob.com and find their choice of worker and contact them.

  It is easy right ?  Just JOIN US today and let’s get you a job.